Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Watertown Water Loss in a Clubhouse

When a water supply line bursts in the attic crawl space, the pressurized water can quickly wet a large segment of a ceiling. A Watertown area property manager ... READ MORE

Pigeon Infestation in Ceiling

Pigeon Infestation Animals can cause a huge disruption in business when you become infested with any type of animal. There are precautions you can take to ensur... READ MORE

Carpet cleaning of old carpet

This carpet was installed in this office space over 20 years ago. To the current tenants knowledge, this is the first time it has ever been cleaned. We advised ... READ MORE

Ceramic Tile Looks Brand New

Tile Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings This ceramic tile is located in an area that receives very heavy foot traffic. This is the first time after bein... READ MORE

Church Organ Damaged From Fire

This was part of a church organ that had extensive soot damage. The pastor did not think it could be restored. Organs can cost thousands of dollars new. We were... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning Watertown NY

Carpet Cleaning for Property Managers and Commercial Properties This carpet was very worn with extremely heavy traffic areas. It had been cleaned before but the... READ MORE

Pigeon feces cleanup

Fairly often, we get a call where someone has a very unwanted resident that has moved in. Whether it's pigeons, raccoons, a skun, opossums or bats they tend to ... READ MORE